.::Taiwan Pictures::.

The view of Siberia from 30,000 feet.

A picture from the plane on the way to Taiwan.

Our Taiwanese flying companion during the 18-hour flight to Taipei

We got to practice our Chinese right away, as this woman spoke no English.

We found our hotel!...Wait, wrong hotel.

Those bags on the ground are trash bags, not mail.

Kenting--on the South of the Island

Beautiful Kenting

Rice fields with Mountains in the background

Taroko Gorge

A beatiful spring but also a dangerous one. 450 men lost their lives building roads through these mountains.

Inside of Taroko Gorge

Marble Mountains rise out of the Gorge

Beautiful Mountains of Taroko

Chinese Architecture

Chang Kai Shek Memorial

Giampaolo climbs the 89 stairs, which represent how many years Chang Kai Shek lived. Truly, as the Bible says, a man may live even 100 years, but if he doesn't enjoy his inheritance--and fear the Lord--a man never born is better than he.

True Religion vs. False Religion

The cleanest place in every town was the temple but Jesus makes men's hearts and minds clean by His own blood.

The grocery stores are packed with foreign goods but also a few familiar ones.

The open market had many goodies, too.

Squid, snails, crab, octopus, intestines and more...it's all available at the night markets

You can even get them served hot on a stick!

Even snakes were found at the night market, but they weren't all dead. We left this market quickly.

(A cobra sits perched on the bench--without a cage)

"Cho", a friendly local, helps us with directions for the day.

Passing out Tracts at the Dragon Boat Festival

If you look carefully, you can see one of the ancient boats that was racing down the river.

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision.

Offering a tract to a Chinese woman who was treading out the rice

The fields are ripe unto harvest!

Subways are sometimes crowded but always welcome on weary feet.

Riding bicycles near an ancient gate

Mopeds are the nation's primary means of transportation.

You find them everywhere...even on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

The whole family can fit on a moped

Sometimes even the family dog joins the ride, but this time it's just Dad, Mom and the baby.

On wheels ... just like the locals!

Rain doesn't stop the locals from riding--and it doesn't stop us either!

Reading our map (in Chinese) to find our way through the countryside and distrubute tracts

Moped repair is big business found in small places.

A street lined with mopeds

Chinese toilets--no sitting and often no toilet paper!

Riding the MRT together and happy to have reliable transportation

The underground mass transit system had clean floors and even some English signs.

No, this isn't rush hour ... it's just a normal day in Taipei

This is how they pack all the transportation in such a tight spot.

Wulai Falls

Our last evening in Taiwan

We rejoiced that God had taken such good care of us on our travels